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  • Track the James Clark Ross

    Pretty soon Dr Jan, the intrepid Polar Explorer will be off on another Antarctic adventure. For those of back home I’ve created a little map to track her ship. The map can be found at http://www.janandira.com/maps/ With some luck it…

  • Animation

    Well it’s not exactly Wallace and Gromit but it was quite fun to make. Perhaps with a bit more time .. Naut vs Octo

  • Stone Tools

    I don’t know what this was used for, but it seems pretty clear that it’s man made. I found it near Tuddenham on the heath near Bill Sutherland’s house. It’s close to an ancient flint quarry and human worked flakes…

  • The Darkness

    About 2 weeks ago we passed the darkest day in the northern hemisphere … and I must admit I’ve started dreaming about long days already. That’s probably a dangerous thing as they are still a long way off. But I…

  • Second life

    Thanks to the economist and the guardian this week we came to discover the phenomenon of second life. Among the amazing inhabitants of this world is a fluffy orange triceratops who was born a homosexual dragon.

  • Post by Email

    Hi All, I just finished faffing about with wordpress and finally managed to set things up so we can post to this website simply by sending an email. So that we can avoid spam I’m not going to post the…