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British waterfalls and beaches

Last weekend we went up to Durham to visit Rob … to update him on our latest tomato experiments.

While we were there we went on two awesome walks. The first one was through some nice hill country. Rob guided us safely through, but at times we had to worry about “shakeholes” which seemed to be just about everywhere. Rob and Jan were on the lookout for these …

Another danger on this part of the walk were the cows .. some of which were pretty angry looking. This one in particular managed to give us the heeby jeebies enough that we didn’t go through its field.

But all the dangers were worth it … as we saw some amazing views of purple heather covered hills.

We also got to see a really cool british bird called a dipper which actually looks kinda ordinary, but has a really amazing lifestyle. It lives around really fast flowing streams and can dive under the water and walk along hunting its prey. Actually Rob gave us quite a few twitching tips along the way and pointed out quite a few cool birds.

On the sunday we went to the beach. Before we even started our walk we enjoyed what was on offer at a top notch pub in this little village.

Then we went for quite some distance along this nice beach. I was slightly dissapointed to find that it had almost no rubbish at all .. so the beachcombing pickings were pretty slim. As compensation though we saw a really cool castle .. and also saw a roseate tern. All in all it was an awesome weekend .. thanks Rob!!!



A few more photos can be found here
Waterfalls and Beaches


  • Jeremy Naaykens

    Hey there Ira!! You old bastard

    Looks like you guys are having fun!! Been meaning to catch up. I have misplaced your email at present and am trying to locate it in my room. Drop me a line mate in case I cannot find it. My email is

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