This weekend we headed straight out to Blackwood after work on a friday. Almost immediately, Jan got herself setup by the fire and started dreaming about a walk the next day.

by the fire

Overnight we discovered that the place we were staying in had a mystical power. The first we knew of the power was when Ira dropped and broke a lovely bowl, having spent time earlier thinking about how bad it would be to break the bowl. Luckily the house was not always cruel (perhaps merely mischievous) as the next morning it made both of us discover our long lost beanies just as we had pronounced how useful they would be.

Leaving the mystical house behind, we set of on our walk with Jan as usual in the role of Navigator.

Jan the navigator

We walked through lovely tall trees …

walking through tall trees

And followed along the path of an old aqueduct …

Ira walking along the aquaduct

Admired the notable scats left by local Wombats …

notable scat

Walked past a lot of really nice flowers just emerging after winter …

walked past lots of lovely flowers

Ira used an old tree as a bird hide, but it was a bit small…

Ira in an old tree

At the end we took in the waters at the local mineral spring …

soda water

And at the end of it all we found ourselves back in Blackwood by the fire.

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