The Wetsuits

This post is dedicated to the awesome power of a good wetsuit to create opportunities for fun when you would otherwise freeze your bits off!

When the weather at Beachport wasn’t so good for robster catching, we decided to have a go at surfing. With the help of our trusty wet-suits and some incredibly floaty, long, and stable boards we were able to give it a go …


Let’s go Surfin now

… and give it another go … and another go … until we’d had so much sun and salt-spray we felt preserved like tuna-in-brine.

In order to rehydrate ourselves we decided to take a nice freshwater swim in Ewen’s ponds where once again the wet-suits transformed an otherwise freezing experience into a leisurely float in a delicious warm cocoon of warmth. The sun was dancing on the bright green of the waterplants, and it felt a bit like a scene from Avatar was we floated through the connections between ponds. If ever there was a time for Jan’s underwater camera to actually be taken underwater this was it …



After our little swim we discovered a blue tongue lizard who’d somehow ended up in the ponds, but was in desperate need of a decent wetsuit. An onlooker fished him out and we put him on a sunny rock, and after a few minutes he’d forgotten that we were his rescuers and started flashing his open mouth at us. Pretty ungrateful, but what can you expect from a dinosaur.


The Lizard, still half frozen

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