Ice Ice Baby

Lately us residents of Northern Europe have been reminded that it can still get cold. Even if the days of frozen rivers and glaciers are long gone for England, after two weeks of sub zero temperatures there is a heck of alot of ice around. Even in usually balmy Ely our local lakes and ponds have completely frozen over. Coming from a place where ice is something you have to make in your freezer and put in your drink, it’s pretty exciting to see a whole frozen lake.

Sadly it wasn’t thick enough to walk on. But you could chuck rocks and huge logs on .. and they would just bounce off.


It looked like pretty much everyone in town had had a go

I couldn’t resist cracking some from the edge to have a look. Actually I secretly wanted to try walking on it, but I suspect that would have ended rather badly. Actually the most fun thing turned out to be chucking big chunks of ice out onto the lake.


Me with the payload


Rob the catapault about to deliver


Away she goes

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